Past Events at The Civic Hall


Over time we noticed that there seemed to be no recorded history of the events that have been held at The Civic Hall since its opening. Something that we were repeating ourselves without realising. The plan for this page is to keep track of the when and who at The Civic Hall, whilst trying to go back through history and fill in some of the gaps.

If you are able to help us with anything before 2011 when we started The Civic Group, your help and memories would be greatly appreciated.



 24th November                - Fairgame Theatre Presents                                                "Arabian Nights"

25th November                - Three Kings Parade Civic                                                  Craft Fayre



7th January 2012        Civic Open Day
20th - 28th January    Monday Night Group Pantomime
present Dick Whittington
13th - 17th February  Wyre Forest Dance  Festival
6th March              Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers
 "Way of The Drum"
11th March         BBC Introducing Hereford and                           Worcester (Featuring                                                    Red Room Therapy, Lauren Wright, 
Heed The  Thunder,
and Jasper in The Company of Others)
29th March         Go Italia cabaret
30th March         Italia in Piazaa Street Market
and Fashion Show
May                    Social Dance
24th May              Vamos Theatre presents 
"Much Ado About Wenlock"
4th June                The first Comedy @ The Civic
Featuring Gary Delaney,
Paul McCaffery, Dave  Twentyman,
Freddie  Farrell, and Stuart Black
11th July                 Comedy @ The Civic Featuring
Hal Cruttenden, Andy Robinson,
Will Marsh, Frankie Peoples, Harriett Dyer
14th July             Social Dance
4th August           Kidderminster Male Choir
Guest soloist Claire Worboys 
accompanied by David Morgan
8th August           Comedy @ The Civic Featuring
Ava Vidal, Junior Simpson, Patrick Devine,
Rich Wilson, and Andrew Roper
1st September          Carnival Open Day
1st September     Carnival Social Dance
5th September       Mikron Theatre present  
"Can You Keep A Secret"
13th September  Comedy @ The Civic  Featuring
Paul Tominkinson, Andy Watson,
Lee Peart, Dan Thomas, Don BisWas,
Dan Smith.
27th September      MP's Half Term Questions
Social Dance
3rd October       Wyre Forest Company of  Archers
 begin their first  winter residency 
6th October             Zumba Masterclass
13th October           Comedy @ The Civic featuring
Tom Stade, Alfie Moore,
Kate McCabe, and Andrew Ryan
27th October         Social Dance
29th October         Hi Jinx Theatre present  
"The Adventures of Sancho  Panza"
3rd November       HCW Championship Wrestling
14th November      Comedy @ The Civic featuring
Jo Lycett
16th - 17th November  Civic Ensemble Cabaret
 "When The Lights Go On Again"
23rd November        Three Kings Parade and Civic Craft Fayre
24th November       Social Dance
8th December        Social Dance
12th December        Comedy @ The Civic  featuring John  Cooper,
James Cook, John Pearson,
Mickey D and Matt Richardson.
15th December        Stourport Choral Christmas Concert
20th December Cornerstone Church present Phillipa Hanna



 9th January            Comedy @ The Civic
featuring Brendon Burns, 
Aaron Twitchen, Sam Hartland,
and Dave Twentyman
 11th January              Berkeley Square
debut performance
25th January - 2nd February Monday Night Group Pantomime 
present "Jack and The Beanstalk"
6th February                Comedy @ The Civic
featuring Matt Read, John  Fothergill,
Gary Delaney,Robin Morgan, Roger Swift
9th February               Starlight Singers
18th - 22nd February Wyre Forest Dance Festival
23rd February            Social Dance
7th March                Fordante Present "A night at The Movies"
16th March                HCW Championship Wrestling
23rd March                Social Dance
29th March                 Easter Rocks featuring 
Stormforce, Wet Desert and Identity Crisis
6th April                Italia In Piazza Street Market
13th April             Comedy @ The Civic featuring 
James Cook, Susan Murray,
 Lou Chawner, Alex Boardman.
18th April             Portmanteau
27th April            Social Dance
8th May                 Comedy @ The Civic
featuring Christian Reilly, Rich Wilson,
 Dave Ward, and Tom Toll 
10th - 11th May                                            Civic Ensemble Cabaret 
present  "Rock Around The Clock
31st May               Camp Burlish Ball
7th - 8th June  Stourport Three Arts Guild 
present "Party"
12th June        Comedy @ The Civic featuring
 Gareth Berliner,  Kiruna Stammell,
Mike Wilmott, Andy White and Ian Cognito
29th June          Social Dance
6th July            HCW Wrestling
13th July              Stourport Choral
present "Trial by Jury"
19th July  Comedy @ The Civic
Edinburgh Previews
20th July Folkin' Marvellous
27th July  Social Dance
14th August Comedy @ The Civic featuring
Nathan Caton
24th August Social Dance
1st September West Midlands Ballroom
ballroom Dance Championship
7th September Carnival Open Day and
Carnival Rocks
7th September Carnival Social Dance
11th September Comedy @ The Civic featuring
Carl Donnelly, Freddie Farrell,
Joe Bromhead, Larry Dean,
14th - 15th September Worleys Guitar Show
29th September Roman Fairs - Antiques Fair
9th October Comedy @ The Civic featuring
Gavin Webster
12th October Take It Easy - Eagles Tribute Band
19th October HCW Wrestling
26th October Social Dance
13th November Comedy @ The Civic
15th November Stourport Choral present
Jazz and Folk Classics
22nd November Three Kings parade
and Civic Craft Fayre
23rd November  Social Dance
5th December Voices of The Holocaust present
"Fragile Fire" and
"The Fool of The Warsaw Ghetto"
10th December Wyre Forest Take Heart present
Kinfayre Singers
13th December  Stourport Choral, Stourport Brass Band,
and Lickhill Primary School present
"A Stourport Christmas"
21st December Comedy @ The Civic featuring
Sarah Pascoe
28th December Twixmas Ball



8th January Comedy at The Civic:
Jo Lycette headlines
11th January            Mayor's Charity Rock night: featuring
The Barefoot Serpents, Bad Luck and Superstition and Esther Turner
24th January - 1st February

Monday Night Group Pantomime 
present "Jack and The Beanstalk"

7th February Amatuer Boxing with Droitwich and Stourport Boxing Club
8th February  HCW Wrestling - 
12th February Comedy At The Civic
17th-21st February Wyre Forest Dance Festival
22nd February Rock at The Civic Hall:
Acoustic featuring Elisha Green, Unknown First, 
26th February Comedy At The Civic Hall Festival:
Gong Show
27th February Comedy At The Civic Hall Festival:
Knightmare Live
28th February Comedy At The Civic Hall Festival:
Tom Stade, Jim Smallman, Karen Bailey
1st March Comedy At The Civic Hall Festival:
Kids Comedy
1st March Comedy At The Civic Hall Festival:
Lee Nelson, Katie Mulgrew, Harriet Dyer, James Cook and Frankie Peoples
7th March Mayors Annual Charity Quiz
8th March Social Dance
9th March Big Howard, Little Howard
21st and 22nd March Civic Ensemble Cabaret:
Memories are Made of This
29th March Stouport Choral
30th March Antique Fair
1st April Reduced Shakespeare Company:
The Bible: The complete Word of God (abridged)
2nd April Comedy @ The Civic
4th April Stourport Mayors Ball
14th April -
3rd October
28th April Civic Group invited to present at the Annual Theatres Trust Conference
4th October Rock At The Civic Hall; Barefoot Serpents
10th and 11th October Worleys Guitar Show
18th October Graham Darby Social Dancing
31st October Morgan and West: A Grand Adventure
1st November Tarantara Choir
7th November Chris Ramsey: The Most Dangerous Man
On Saturday Morning Television
8th November HCW Wrestling
21st November Three Kings Parade and Craft Fayre
29th November Mentor Link Monsters of Rock:
Food Fighterz, Identity Crisis, Lopht and Elisha Green
1st December ITV's Text Santa Quiz
9th December Wyre Forest Take Heart Carol Concert:
with Worcester Male Voice Choir
13th December Comedy @ The Civic:
Sully O Sullivan and Carly Smallman
15th December Out of The Blue
18th December Mike Smith Guitar Academy
20th December A Stourport Christmas: Stourport Choral
Stourport Brass Band and Lickhill Primary School