The Opening

 Stourport Civic Centre was the brainchild of the former Stourport Urban District Council and was the result of many years of planning and hard work to bring the project to fruition. The Town Hall in Stourport had proved to be inadequate, and on the point of collapse, (in fact it collapsed dramatically in August 1973). Stourport-on-Severn was also without a suitable public assembly hall or council chamber which some other towns had the luxury in having. The former Councillors who sat on the Urban District Council wanted to right the wrong and succeeded in all expectations. Stourport Civic Centre was the envy of the area, and Stourport residents were, and still are, very proud of it.

From the turf-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the project on 27th October 1964, the Civic Centre took a little over 18 months to complete, at a total cost of £198,810. The location of the complex was inspired as it was situated slightly out of the town centre, but still in suitable reach for residents. The 60's architecture of the Civic didn't distract from the beautiful Georgian town that Stourport still is. The views from the Civic Centre are still enviable, with the outlook to the River Severn to the village of Arley Kings.

As Lord Cobham commented in his speech to commemorate the opening of the Civic Centre - 

"This function represents more than just the opening of a new building. It is an occasion for civic pride, and a time for stocktaking: a time during which the people of Stourport can pause for a few moments, and while assessing their steady and ordered progress for two centuries or more and taking pride in their past achievements, can yet look into the future and make new plans for the physical and cultural well-being of their town". 

In reply to Lord Cobham's address, Stourport's very own - late, great - Councillor Reg Abbotts replied, 

"We feel this Civic Centre should be enjoyed by the people of the urban district of Stourport for so long as the river shall flow".

Written by John Cooper (extract copied from the Wyre Forest Agenda )


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The above file contains the official brochure commissioned by Stourport-on-Severn Urban District Council to introduce the new Civic Centre shortly after its completion.

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