Family Arts Standards

We have signed up to the Family Arts Standards

We welcome families and to help you enjoy your experience we are committed to ensuring we meet these Standards. 

As we continue to improve our service for families your views are very important to us – so please let us know if you have a good experience with us or tell us what you’d like us to improve.

Fantastic for Families

We want to help you easily see what shows and events we have at The Civic that we feel the whole family can enjoy.

We will use the logo you see on the left on web pages, to show you that after consultation with the performing company, we feel it is suitable for the whole family.

The logo will also start appearing on event posters (where allowed and appropriate) over the coming months.

If you have questions about the suitability of any shows or events please feel free to contact one of the team, either by phone (01299 823339) or by e-mail here