Sunday 10th March

Boris: The Musical

Sunday 10th March

Start Time 2pm

Adults: £10

Concessions: £7.50
Part biography, part farce, part political satire, all rolled into seventy five minutes of theatre, Boris is "the musical for people who hate musicals", with genres ranging from tango to punk and everything in between, including an epic ballad or two.

Blowfish Theatre present the rise, fall (and rise again) of Britain’s finest politiclown.

In these upsetting times, it's important to have something to laugh about. 

Hence, "Boris - The Musical", the tragicomic tale of Britain's finest politiclown, BoJo, told through the medium of song.

Watch the rise of Britain's most popular politician. Hear the (soon to be) smash hits, "I'm talking about Brexit", "Me and My Johnson" and "BeLeave!"

Experience the life and times of Boris, Britain's Berlusconi - in song! (Recommended 14+)

As for Boris (played by David Burchhardt), don't be surprised if you get to meet him in the foyer, or at least touch his coat-tails in passing. After all, Bozzer isn't known to be shy.