Friday  2nd November 2018

“Hello to one and all. I am Doctor John Dolittle a very famous Doctor. 

I’m a bit wacky actually but you will get used to that. 

Some of you may have heard of me (good for you) and some may have not - but you will now. 

I am not a normal run of the mill Doctor. I was once but I really did not like my patients. They could be quite difficult. 

You see I discovered something amazing, fantastic and down right wonderful about myself. Please don’t think I am blowing my own trumpet here but I found out that I had the ability to talk to and understand animals. 

So come and see me light up the stage in this magical musical adventure. 

This is a brand new show with original music, lots of audience participation and amazing puppets.

 I look forward to seeing you all soon. Toodle pip for now.” 

Oh by the way this show is suitable for humans from 7 years upwards.

Friday 2nd November

Start time:  2:30pm

All Tickets £10